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Is the "bulletproof" body of the Cybertruck provoke corrosion?

When Tesla unveiled its futuristic stainless steel-bodied Cybertruck, it touted unprecedented durability from the ultra-hard metal. But recent reports from new owners flag the emergence of corrosion and rust stains, marring the truck's vaunted indestructible image.


Photos posted on online Cybertruck forums reveal small orange blemishes dotting the distinct stainless contours. Several users indicated the spots cropped up following brief rain exposure in Los Angeles.

"I noticed corrosion forming on the metal like other owners did," one driver stated on Members posited coal dust or metal shavings settling on the surface before reacting with moisture or environmental chemicals could be to blame rather than a fundamental alloy flaw.

A Tesla representative warned one affected driver that temporary rust markings may emerge on the Cybertruck post-rain. They advised regular polishing to prevent long-term issues.

The vehicle manual itself explicitly calls out staining risks should the protective outer oxide layer become damaged. It urges immediate removal of corrosive substances rather than waiting for standard washes.

Stainless steel hasn't seen automotive duty for over 40 years thanks to cost and production challenges. But the promise of unparalleled toughness motivated Tesla to revive the material for its angular EV.

Now the firstindications of corrosion seem to clash with the performance durability and minimal care the company promoted. Some see it as emblematic of broader questions regarding real-world practicality and maintenance of such an unconventional personal transport.

Of course, isolated paint blemishes plague even the highest-end vehicles. And the Cybertruck remains early in its rollout, with tweaks potentially addressing teething concerns.

But should imperfections persist in wider numbers, Tesla may need to temper sky-high resilience perceptions evoked by its purported "bulletproof" stainless armor. Prevention measures like protective coatings could alleviate headaches for owners prioritizing style and convenience over DIY polishing.

Because while minor staining may barely register with the Cybetruck's rugged utility demographic, broader luxury adoption could require meticulous upkeep exceeding the set-it-and-forget it experience Tesla buyers have come to expect.

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