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CapSen Robotics unveils CapSen PiC 2.0 with enhanced AI for bin-picking

CapSen Robotics, a leading provider of 3D machine vision and motion planning software for robotic bin-picking applications, has introduced the highly anticipated Version 2.0 release of its flagship CapSen PiC software. This upgraded system features a new user-friendly interface and groundbreaking programmable artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, designed to tackle even the most challenging high-mix, low-volume bin-picking tasks in manufacturing.



Harnessing the Power of AI, Responsibly 

While recent advancements in "black-box" AI algorithms for text and image generation have garnered significant attention, CapSen Robotics understands that safety and reliability are paramount in manufacturing environments. As such, the company has taken a structured approach with CapSen PiC 2.0, leveraging AI tools to enhance its 3D vision and motion planning algorithms while providing users with complete control and peace of mind.

"While CapSen PiC 2.0 leverages AI tools to improve its 3D vision and motion planning algorithms, it does so within a constrained framework that provides the user control and peace of mind that the robot will work exactly as programmed, every time," stated Jared Glover, CEO of CapSen Robotics.


Seamless Integration and Deployment 

CapSen PiC 2.0 combines cutting-edge 3D vision, motion planning, and control algorithms, empowering robots to locate, pick, and manipulate objects in a range of different positions and orientations, even when they're partially occluded or in tight spaces. The software provides consistent and complete control over the robot, end effector, and 3D cameras within a robot cell, greatly reducing the integration burden of deploying a bin-picking system.

Moreover, CapSen PiC 2.0 is a hardware-agnostic platform, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of robotic systems. Its advanced motion-planning algorithms ensure collision avoidance while enabling fast and accurate parts picking, regrasping, and advanced tasks such as detangling and assembly of shiny metal objects like bolts, springs, and washers.


User-Friendly Interface for Effortless Setup and Deployment 

To further enhance the user experience, CapSen Robotics has introduced a new user-friendly interface for CapSen PiC 2.0. This intuitive interface simplifies setup, including part teaching, configuration, and calibration, as well as deployment, running, and debugging. With enhanced programmable AI capabilities and this powerful UI, CapSen PiC 2.0 is designed for modern manufacturing and warehouse applications that demand flexibility.

"Automation applications today often need to quickly adapt to new or custom parts or products, and CapSen PiC 2.0 addresses this by offering an easy-to-use means to deploy accurate and reliable high-mix, low-volume pick-and-place applications," said Glover. "When the need arises, companies can repurpose their bin-picking robot to accommodate a new part or product within a day."


Driving Innovation in Bin-Picking Solutions 

Founded in 2014 by Jared Glover and Mark Schnepf, CapSen Robotics has been at the forefront of developing innovative 3D machine vision and motion planning software for robotic bin-picking applications. With the release of CapSen PiC 2.0, the Pittsburgh-based company reinforces its commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation and providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing and warehouse operations.

As the demand for flexible and adaptable bin-picking solutions continues to grow, CapSen Robotics positions itself as a leader in the field, offering a powerful combination of advanced AI capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and hardware-agnostic compatibility, all while prioritizing safety and reliability in industrial environments.

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