igus' Clean SCARA Cable Solution for cleanroom robotics

igus has developed a new particle-minimizing cable carrier system for SCARA robots in cleanroom environments. The Clean SCARA Cable Solution utilizes tribologically optimized plastics to operate nearly particle-free per ISO Class 2, even during high-speed motions. It also offers durability and install benefits versus traditional corrugated hoses.

In electronics manufacturing, microscopic contaminants from machine friction can ruin sensitive components and semiconductors. SCARA robots rapidly moving on four axes risk detaching particles from hoses. Maintaining ultra-clean conditions is thus critical.

As machines operate at sub-second speeds, any friction threatens to release miniscule but destructive debris. Eliminating contamination enables avoiding catastrophic microscopic damage in electronics production.

igus Head of e-chains Matthias Meyer said, "Finding a way to guide SCARA robot cables/hoses in a cleanroom is an art itself. Fast motions are pure stress for materials, releasing unwanted particles."

igus' new cleanroom energy chain mitigates this. Its modular e-skin soft system arcs cables/hoses between the vertical arm and end effector in a sealed, dust/water-proof tube. This prevents inside particle release into the air during motion.

Rotating mounts at the fixed and moving ends increase cable life by reducing stress. Importantly, the bearings minimize particles even when moving rapidly. The e-chain's tribo-optimized plastic also resists abrasion, proven through Fraunhofer ISO Class 2 certification.

Unlike thin corrugated hoses prone to kinking and tearing, the Clean SCARA Cable Solution supports itself with unique rotary joints. Meyer explained this is ideal for unsupported lengths and dynamic conditions, with the oval chain providing strength against lateral forces.

The rotating connections further reduce mechanical fatigue and cable wear versus static connections. Given SCARA speeds, this marks a major durability improvement.

Finally, the zipper-like design enables quick cable/hose insertion. Optional inner separations add protection lacking in corrugated hoses. igus offers the system as a ready-to-connect package with over 900 flexible IPA Class 1 cables.

The Clean SCARA Cable Solution demonstrates igus' expertise in specialized e-chain applications. Its innovative enclosed system with rotating joints takes particle minimization, durability, and usability to the next level for cleanroom robotics.

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