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Cobots are primed to take over the automotive industry, says Universal Robots

As collaborative robots gain traction across industries, leading cobot developer Universal Robots shared insights on boosting productivity in automotive manufacturing. Facing supply chain volatility, labor shortages and fast-changing mixes, automakers stand to benefit from flexible automation.

Cobots deliver key advantages over traditional industrial robots in coping with market fluctuations and complexity, explained Universal Robots' David Capellani. Quick deployment, intuitive training, safety and adaptability make them accessible automation for dynamic lines producing varying models.

Capellani advises starting small with automating disliked tasks like inspection or machining tenders. Incremental cobot integration curbs risks while freeing workers to upskill. Each success funds expanding automation targeting dull, dirty and dangerous activities.

Universal Robots streamlines insertion on existing infrastructure without overhaul. As capacities grow, so can the cobots. Modular additions through a universal platform prevent overly custom solutions vulnerable to shifts in consumer demand.

The small footprints also open floorspace for production flow revisions as new EV lines reshape facilities. By bridging skill gaps rather than replacing jobs, collaborative robots make workers happier, safer and more resilient to volatile markets.

As the auto industry evolves, nimble assistance through approachable tech helps manufacturers accelerate without drastic overhauls vulnerable to unexpected pivots. Universal Robots aims to scale automotive opportunities by proving adaptable, accessible robots building flexibility and resilience.

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