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Baidu Expands Autonomous Taxis

Baidu, often dubbed the "Chinese Google" and renowned for its expertise in artificial intelligence, is making significant strides in the realm of autonomous transportation. The company's latest endeavor involves a substantial expansion of its commercial autonomous robot taxi service in Wuhan, signaling a landmark achievement in China's pursuit of AI-driven mobility solutions.

The expansion initiative aims to triple the current operating area of Baidu's autonomous taxi service in Wuhan, significantly increasing the fleet size and extending the service duration. With plans to commission an additional 200 fully self-driving taxis across China in 2023, Baidu is poised to establish itself as a leader in the global autonomous transportation landscape.

Powered by the Baidu Apollo Go autonomous platform, the expanded service in Wuhan will encompass an impressive area of 130 square kilometers, catering to a population of over 1 million residents. Operating from 7 am to 11 pm, the service represents a pioneering effort in providing fully unmanned robotaxis during evening hours, underscoring Baidu's commitment to pushing the boundaries of autonomous mobility.

Wuhan, renowned as a hub of automotive innovation in central China, has embraced a proactive stance toward supporting autonomous driving initiatives. With over 400 kilometers of roads equipped with intelligent networks, the city provides an ideal testing ground for Baidu's autonomous technology.

Baidu's relentless pursuit of excellence in autonomous driving is evident in its extensive track record, boasting over 40 million kilometers of autonomous mileage and a formidable portfolio of 3,477 patents in the field. Beyond Wuhan, the Apollo Go platform is already operational in major cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, and Chongqing, with a cumulative order volume exceeding 1.4 million by the end of the third quarter.

Wang Chong, Chief Brand Manager of Baidu Intelligent Driving Group, emphasizes the company's commitment to advancing autonomous technology: "Baidu's AI-driven autonomous driving technologies offer a safe, intelligent, and efficient solution, setting new standards for the future of transportation."

With Baidu's accelerated pace of autonomous technology deployment, the company is poised to revolutionize urban mobility, paving the way for a future where fully self-driving taxis become a ubiquitous feature of city landscapes.

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