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Digidog: The Robot Worker's Unjust Termination from NYPD

In 1633, Galileo Galilei famously renounced his belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun before the Inquisition court, yet remained steadfast in his convictions. Today, we hope that the New York Police Department will follow a similar path, embracing progress and innovation rather than fearing it.

This week, the NYPD made the unfortunate decision to terminate its contract with Boston Dynamics ahead of schedule, resulting in the dismissal of Digidog, the company's robot worker. Like 500 years ago, people have allowed fear to dictate their response to progress, putting modern technology on trial.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the NYPD to reconsider the need for a contract with Boston Dynamics, arguing that the use of the robot would negatively impact the image of the Police Department. This decision is a setback for progress and a missed opportunity to embrace the potential of robot workers in law enforcement.

As we prepare to explore Mars and build bases on the Moon, it's disheartening to see that fear of modern technology still exists. We stand with Digidog and mourn the loss of its job with the NYPD. However, we are glad that Digidog was not put to sleep or thrown behind bars.

Instead, we are ready to help Digidog find a decent job. If you're interested in hiring a robot worker, look no further than Digidog. With its advanced capabilities and innovative design, Digidog is the perfect addition to any team looking to embrace the future of technology.

Don't let fear dictate your response to progress. Join us in embracing the potential of robot workers and hire Digidog today. Together, let's move forward into the 21st century with confidence and innovation.

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