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Doodle Labs: Sense interference avoidance features

Robotics startup Doodle Labs has unveiled Sense, a new feature for its Mesh Rider Radios that aims to provide more resilient connectivity for drones, ground robots and teams operating in signal-disrupted environments. Sense actively monitors and switches frequencies to avoid interference that can sever critical control and data links.

Wireless interference from sources like jamming devices or urban WiFi can interrupt the vital communication channels used to operate unmanned vehicles and transmit sensor data. By autonomously scanning across its multi-band spectrum, Sense identifies channels impaired by noise or adversarial signals.

The radio then seamlessly shifts to clearer band options, maintaining unbroken data streams. This redundancy helps advanced systems maintain peak performance when deployed in crowded areas or contested electromagnetic terrain.

Sense builds on the Mesh Rider's existing ability to leverage multiple frequency bands and anti-interference waveforms. Combined with frequency hopping, this provides numerous options to circumvent blocked channels across licenses spectrum worldwide.

The capability will be crucial for customers needing to control drones and ground robots beyond line-of-sight and in cluttered environments. It has already proven effective against jamming in conflict zones like Ukraine.

Continuous monitoring and autonomous mitigation ensures teams and systems maintain connectivity, avoiding critical data loss or stalled operations due to interference. Doodle Labs notes uninterrupted control and telemetry will be key as autonomous platforms take on more pivotal roles.

"Sense addresses the challenges of interference for long-range, mission-critical systems to ensure resilient communications," said a Doodle Labs representative.

According to the company, Sense will be released as a firmware upgrade for all existing Mesh Rider customers, enhancing their radio networks' ability to operate through signal interference. The feature highlights how intelligent spectrum management and autonomy will define robust systems of the future.

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