American company has developed a drone that can fly 14 hours.

drone that can fly for more than 14 hours

Drone can hide screws to stay more stable in the air and drone can fly 14 hours.
The American company UAV Factory has created an unmanned aerial vehicle – drone that can hide propellers in horizontal flight.

According to engineers, this option increases the flight duration by 20%, so the drone can fly continuously for more than 14 hours, and also cover about 180 kilometres.

The Penguin C Mk2 VTOL drone is made in a two-boom configuration with four propellers, which are automatically retracted during horizontal flight.

The drone weighs 32 kilograms, and can also take up to 4.5 kilograms of payload. Thus, additional equipment can be installed on it.

It is known that vertical takeoff and landing aircraft can take off and land on the ground even in places where the terrain is not intended for this.

However, for such actions, drones need propellers, but at the same time, during the flight, they increase the drag, and this reduces the duration of the aircraft’s flight.

Therefore, in order to reduce this drag and increase the duration of the flight, the engineers have developed a mechanism that hides the propellers during flight, when the device has reached the required altitude and entered the air stream.

The Penguin C Mk2 VTOL drone with removable propellers has already taken off and landed more than 600 times during different weather conditions.

The developers have made sure that the device can take off in strong winds, at a speed of 15 meters per second and fly in high and low temperatures (from -40 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius).

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