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Da Vinci DC100: The Future of Smart Transport with the Electric Robot Bike from China

The Chinese company Da Vinci Dynamics has released a new robot electric motorcycle called the Da Vinci DC100. The main distinguishing feature of the vehicle is its robotization. The bike is equipped with smart transport robotic systems. Robot bike can drive up to his owner when he is expecting him, help with complex maneuvers, and more.

The list of electric robot bike potential abilities will expand, as the manufacturer promises. Moreover, according to the developers, they plan to share the API of the electric robot bike so that enthusiasts can study the possibilities of robotic transport and offer their own unique ideas.

The electric bike accelerates to a hundred in 3-4 seconds. Despite this, the developers are positioning its travel mode as economical, focusing on this. Electronics, they say, recognize the start of the movement, and can automatically slow down the bike if it considers the driving style to be dangerous, or too fast. When used economically, the battery electric robot bike will last up to 400 km. Also, the motorcycle is equipped with a reverse function for better maneuverability in urban driving conditions.
The cost of the new robot bike in the maximum configuration is $ 90,000, but the basic version is more affordable: its price is $ 27,000.

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