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FAIRINO: affordable robotics for the future of work

FAIRINO, a leading cobot company prioritizing supply chain innovation, is pioneering affordable robotics solutions that are empowering the workforce of tomorrow. With their commitment to independent research and development across all core components, FAIRINO is making robotics engineering accessible to businesses and educational institutions alike.



At the heart of FAIRINO's mission is the goal of creating cost-effective robotic tools that drive efficiency, automation, and human-robot collaboration across industries. Their latest FR series collaborative robots, unveiled at the 2023 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition, showcase impressive capabilities in intelligent welding, palletizing, bin-picking, and screw fastening applications – all at groundbreaking price points.


"We are dedicated to lowering the barriers to entry for robotics engineering and fostering widespread adoption of cobots," said representative of FAIRINO. "Our independent R&D efforts have allowed us to develop modular, quick-to-deploy, and easy-to-operate robots that prioritize high security while remaining affordable for businesses of all sizes."


FAIRINO's quest to democratize robotics extends beyond industrial applications. Their recently announced "Hundred Schools, Thousand Machines" initiative aims to provide educational institutions with access to collaborative robots at the unparalleled price of ¥18,000 (approx. $1,800 USD). This program empowers students, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore the frontiers of robotics engineering, fostering innovation and expanding the boundaries of human-robot collaboration.


Moreover, FAIRINO is launching a comprehensive community platform to facilitate knowledge-sharing, task collaboration, and the showcasing of innovative robotics applications. By nurturing a robust ecosystem of developers, researchers, and industry professionals, FAIRINO aims to accelerate the progress of robotics technology and drive the adoption of intelligent automation across sectors.


With their relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to accessibility, FAIRINO is poised to reshape the robotics engineering landscape, creating exciting opportunities for jobs in robotics and paving the way for a future where humans and robots work seamlessly together.

Leading the charge is the FR3, a six-axis cobot tailored for applications in electronics, semiconductors, metal processing, industrial gluing, and new retail. Boasting a payload of 3kg, a reach of 622mm, and a remarkable repeatability of ±0.02mm, the FR3 sets new standards for efficiency in flexible manufacturing scenarios. Its EtherCAT bus architecture ensures real-time performance and high stability, while self-developed core components and patented design schemes guarantee comprehensive safety and protection.


For more demanding tasks, FAIRINO introduces the FR5, the first cobot in its class to obtain the coveted CR certification. This advanced robot features a 5kg payload, a 922mm reach, and a ±0.02mm repeatability, coupled with a self-developed real-time control system that seamlessly integrates flexibility, safety, and ease of operation. With its industrial-grade precision and IP66 protection, the FR5 is a versatile solution adaptable to any production environment.


Stepping up the payload capacity, the FR10 cobot offers a remarkable 10kg lifting capability and an impressive 1400mm reach, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications that require both strength and precision. With a repeatability of ±0.05mm and advanced self-developed components, the FR10 strikes a perfect balance between robustness and gentleness, embodying FAIRINO's dedication to flexible intelligent manufacturing solutions.


For heavy-duty tasks, FAIRINO introduces the FR16, a cobot designed to handle payloads up to 16kg with a reach of 1034mm and a repeatability of ±0.03mm. This powerful robot effortlessly combines speed, load capacity, and safety, ensuring efficient and reliable automation for even the most demanding industrial applications.


Crowning the lineup is the FR20, a scalable and sustainable platform product that empowers integrators and end-users alike. With a 20kg payload, a remarkable 1854mm reach, and an industry-leading repeatability of ±0.01mm, the FR20 shatters boundaries, enabling intelligent and flexible robot applications across a vast array of scenarios.


FAIRINO strives to democratize automation by offering affordable and high-performance robotics solutions. Their FR series robo-arms are the epitome of our unwavering commitment to innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces and uncompromising safety standards. The company is confident that these robots will revolutionize the approach of enterprises to automation, opening up new opportunities for increasing efficiency, productivity and cooperation between humans and robots.

FAIRINO's FR series cobots are supported by a comprehensive ecosystem, including graphical programming interfaces, drag-and-drop robot programming, and seamless integration with various communication protocols. Additionally, the robots are compatible with ROS for secondary development, ensuring adaptability to diverse needs and providing unparalleled convenience for robot integrators.


With a firm belief in making robotics accessible to businesses of all sizes, FAIRINO continues to push the boundaries of innovation, offering cost-effective solutions that empower companies to embrace the future of intelligent manufacturing. The FR series collaborative robots represent a significant stride towards realizing FAIRINO's vision of bringing cutting-edge automation technology within reach, fostering a new era of human-robot collaboration that drives productivity, efficiency, and economic growth.

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