Enhance Your Cybersecurity: Cherokee Federal Acquires Criterion Methods

Cherokee Federal, the federal contracting division of Cherokee Nation Companies, has recently announced the acquisition of Criterion Methods, a cybersecurity and IT services firm based in Vienna, Virginia.

This strategic deal, with the financial details remaining undisclosed, marks a significant expansion of Cherokee Federal's capabilities and positions the organization to effectively meet evolving customer demands in the cybersecurity landscape.

Founded in 2005 and led by CEO Promod Sharma, Criterion Methods specializes in providing cybersecurity, IT infrastructure operations, cloud and data center management, and systems engineering services for mission-critical environments within the federal government.

As a trusted partner and proven prime contractor, Criterion Methods excels in managing and executing enterprise-level IT service delivery across multiple departments and agencies. With a workforce of over 450 professionals dedicated to their focus areas, the company brings extensive expertise and experience to the table.

The acquisition of Criterion Methods by Cherokee Federal represents a strategic move to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities and expand their range of IT services. In an increasingly digital world, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining robust IT infrastructure are paramount.

Cherokee Federal is renowned for its excellence in federal contracting, and this acquisition further solidifies their position as a leader in the industry. By integrating the expertise of Criterion Methods, Cherokee Federal is well-equipped to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and efficient IT service delivery to federal government clients.

The landscape of cybersecurity and IT services is constantly evolving, with new threats and challenges emerging regularly. With this acquisition, Cherokee Federal demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and meeting the dynamic needs of its customers.

As organizations face the ever-present risk of cyber threats and seek to optimize their IT infrastructure, partnering with Cherokee Federal and leveraging the expertise of Criterion Methods is a strategic choice. Together, they offer a powerful combination of knowledge, experience, and resources to address the cybersecurity and IT requirements of federal government agencies.

With Cherokee Federal's expanded offerings and the integration of Criterion Methods' capabilities, customers can expect tailored solutions, proactive threat mitigation, and robust IT support. The acquisition reinforces Cherokee Federal's dedication to providing exceptional services and ensuring the security and efficiency of federal IT systems.

In conclusion, Cherokee Federal's acquisition of Criterion Methods is a significant development in the realm of cybersecurity and IT services. This strategic move enhances Cherokee Federal's position in the federal contracting domain and solidifies its commitment to meeting evolving customer needs. By joining forces, Cherokee Federal and Criterion Methods are poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions and drive innovation in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity and IT infrastructure.

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