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Pazziria: Robot Pizzeria in Paris | Pazzi

In a groundbreaking move this week, Pazzi unveiled the grand opening of their first official robotic pizzeria, Pazziria, nestled in the heart of Boburg in Paris, France. Following a successful pilot launch in Paris back in 2019, this marks the company's second foray into the world of automated dining.

At Pazziria, patrons are treated to a spectacle of culinary innovation, where nearly every aspect of pizza preparation is seamlessly orchestrated by state-of-the-art robotic technology. From flattening dough to applying sauce and toppings, from sliding pizzas into the oven to expertly cutting and boxing them, the Pazzi robots perform with astonishing efficiency.

A marvel to behold, the robots operate within an enclosed glass wall, allowing diners to witness the mesmerizing choreography of each pizza's creation. Orders can be effortlessly placed through a convenient web app or touch screen kiosk within the restaurant, providing a seamless and immersive dining experience.

While other players in the robotic pizza industry opt for a more industrial approach, Pazzi stands out by placing their robots front and center, embracing the futuristic charm of their creations. As the company proudly declares on their website, "Come to the show, stay for the pizza."

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, Pazzi's robotic workforce offers a compelling solution, minimizing human interaction in the pizza-making process. With continuous operation and remote monitoring capabilities, Pazzi's robots ensure efficiency and consistency without the need for human intervention.

With two successful ventures in France, Pazzi is now eyeing expansion, with plans to establish a subsidiary in Switzerland, possibly adjacent to the popular Smyze beverage station. For those eager to savor the flavors of robo-cuisine in Paris, Pazziria Beaubourg awaits at 42 Rue Rambuteau, open seven days a week from 11 am to midnight. Experience the future of pizza with Pazzi's robotic revolution.

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