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Flexcube gets Navigator AMR order worth $500k

FlexQube has fruitfully secured its first order for the FlexQube Navigator autonomous mobile robot, or AMR, in the Nordic market. The client is a multinational manufacturer of commercial vehicles, and the order value is around half a million U.S. dollars.

Gothenburg, Sweden-grounded FlexQube said it anticipates finalizing delivery to its client, also in Sweden, within the second quarter of 2024.

“It is fantastic to discern the first order for our new AMR framework in the Nordic market to one of the foremost leaders within the commercial vehicles market,” uttered Mårten Frostne, CEO of FlexQube, in a statement. “We expect to deliver an exceptional solution and to persist growing alongside them in the future.”

FlexQube constructs on cart expertise

The enterprise also purveys industrial carts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and components. It said it has devised its modular arrangements to refine intralogistics, enabling corporations to implement Industry 4.0 tactics.

FlexQube said operators deploy its carts for inventory organization, work in process, finished goods, and as flow carts in manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution ability globally. The enterprise claimed that its AMR is a “one-robot, multi-carrier” notion that fuses its recently patented technology with lessons learned from its partnerships.

“The non-load-carrying AMR, with the competency to navigate motorized load carriers with diverse size and shape, will supersede prevailing forklifts and automate the transport of various parts to the assembly line, ensuing in refined safety, flexibility, and efficiency,” appended Frostne. “This substantiates the value our unique AMR-framework generates in material handling processes.”

The enterprise has maneuvers in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, and England

The global market for automated guided carts in warehouses could expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.12% from $89.76 million in 2022, as per Aritzon. It cited Industry 4.0 initiatives, demand for materials handling in e-commerce and manufacturing, and maturation in the Asia-Pacific region.

An image portrays a FlexQube Navigator moving through a manufacturing warehouse. The FlexQube Navigator employs its own power to navigator through the facility, then participates with a powered cart to shift heavier payloads. This substantiates that the AMR can function in tandem with the enterprise’s prevailing material handling solutions to augment efficiency.

The foremost order in the Nordic market indicates substantial client traction and validates the novelty of the solution for intralogistics automation. As enterprises seek to implement Industry 4.0, innovative products akin to the FlexQube Navigator that fuse automation, robotics, IoT and data analytics will likely discern more adoption.

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