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Flexiv Robotics brings adaptive automation to new industries

By integrating sensing, robotics, and artificial intelligence, Flexiv Robotics Inc. is helping manufacturers improve multiple industrial processes across sectors like sanding, sortation, and recycling. The Silicon Valley company develops general-purpose, adaptive robotic arms that can take on tasks traditionally done by human workers.



Founded in 2016, Flexiv produces the Rizon robot arm with seven degrees of freedom and advanced force sensing in each joint. It also offers the Moonlight parallel robot for force control applications. With offices across the U.S., China, Taiwan, and Singapore, Flexiv is expanding its presence globally through partnerships like the one recently announced with California-based DOCO Engineering.


Automating Shutter Sanding at EsVata 

One of Flexiv's latest deployments is at EsVata Shutter, a window blinds manufacturer based in Rosemead, California. EsVata adopted Flexiv's Rizon 4 robotic arm combined with an OnRobot sander end-effector to automate its labor-intensive shutter sanding process.

"Our commitment to quality led us to select the Rizon 4 from a sea of competitors," stated Paul Hsieh, EsVata's founder. "Its exceptional precision powered by advanced force sensors made it ideal for our sanding needs."

According to Howard Huang, Flexiv's Operations Director for North America, the integration only took about three days from installation to programming and calibration. As a smaller manufacturer without extensive automation, EsVata opted for a standalone robotic sanding cell that could be easily added without overhauling its entire facility.

The robotic sanding solution has enabled EsVata to reassign workers who previously performed manual sanding to other tasks like supervision and detail work that still requires a human touch. Huang noted the deployment immediately realized an 80% reduction in sanding time compared to manual efforts.

"With the massive reduction in time to sand a shutter, it was clear our solution could replicate the human process far quicker and to a higher standard," Huang said. "As the robot never tires or makes mistakes, it achieves precise, consistent output every time."

While this first project is complete, EsVata is already considering additional Flexiv automation to further boost its production capacity based on ROI analysis and growth plans.


New Gripper Cleaning for Recycling 

In another recent development, Flexiv unveiled upgrades to its Grav Enhanced robotic gripper and a new Automated Cleaning Station that helps the gripper maintain its grasping abilities even when handling dusty objects up to 11 lbs.

Flexiv demonstrated the enhanced gripper working alongside its force-controlled Rizon 4 arm, 3D vision, and AnyGrasp AI software to identify and sort household recyclables. The company sees opportunities for such robotic recycling systems to promote sustainability.

With its general-purpose robots and growing portfolio of specialized tools and software, Flexiv Robotics is well-positioned to bring adaptive automation capabilities to manufacturers across industries. The company continues pushing the boundaries of what robots can do with human-level dexterity.

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