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FlexQube is granted European patent for AMR system

FlexQube's patent application for its unique autonomous mobile robot (AMR) system, FlexQube Navigator, has been granted by the European Patent Office. The patent grant covers countries in the EU/EPA, Turkey, and the United Kingdom and will be valid until 2041. The patent is part of FlexQube's ongoing strategy to protect its proprietary technologies, with a corresponding US patent expected soon. Patent applications are also under review in South Korea, Japan, China, Canada, and India.

FlexQube Technical Director Per Augustsson said, "This is great news for FlexQube because the patent will protect our innovative AMR system we've developed over the last three years. The AMR system comprises an autonomous robot, the FlexQube Navigator, and motorized carts designed using FlexQube's patented building block system. The patent relates to the technology for lifting the AMR off the ground when connected to a FlexQube motorized cart via an intelligent docking interface, creating a combined AMR system."

The intelligent, standardized interface between the AMR and motorized cart, including lifting the AMR, provides exceptional safety and flexibility. This enables a single standardized AMR to transport carts of widely varying sizes and capacities. It gives companies with urgent needs to move diverse carts and equipment unique capabilities for safe, efficient automated material handling. The standardized connection also enables FlexQube to increase sales.

The patent grant validates the novelty of FlexQube Navigator's design. By protecting this IP, FlexQube can maintain its competitive advantage in the growing AMR market. The company is poised to leverage the patented technology to expand installations and help more organizations achieve material handling automation.

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