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Flexiv Partners with Handplus Robotics for Adaptive Solutions

Originating as a spin-out from Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, Handplus Robotics has carved a niche with its established distribution network spanning Singapore and Malaysia. Now, Flexiv aims to capitalize on this network to broaden its customer base, particularly in the realm of robotic pick and place applications across various industries including logistics, e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing, medical services, and healthcare.

Owen Wu, Flexiv’s Senior Sales Manager for the Asia Pacific region, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in unlocking the potential of adaptive robotic technology for end-users. "This partnership with Handplus will not only extend our market reach but also facilitate the creation of tailored smart solutions to alleviate labor bottlenecks and enhance ROI," Wu stated.

In the past two years, Flexiv has been steadfast in expanding its distribution network. Notably, in November 2022, the company forged a partnership with Sycodal, its premier Canadian distributor, granting exclusive integrator rights for Flexiv robots in Quebec.

Additionally, Flexiv marked a significant milestone in July 2022 with the closure of a Series B+ funding round, securing nearly $100 million in investment and attaining the coveted status of a unicorn startup, as per company reports.

Founded as a spin-out from Stanford University in 2016, Flexiv has rapidly ascended in the robotics landscape under the leadership of its founders, Shiquan Wang, Xiyang Yeh, and Shuyun Chung. With substantial funding rounds in 2019 and 2020, the company has continually bolstered its R&D efforts.

Flexiv's flagship product, the Rizon adaptive robot, debuted in April 2019, boasting a range of models including the original Rizon 4, Rizon 4s, and Rizon 10. Key features of these adaptive robots include high-precision and fast-response force-controlled technology integrated throughout the arm, ensuring versatility and efficiency in various applications.

Through strategic partnerships like the one with Handplus Robotics, Flexiv is poised to accelerate the adoption of adaptive robotics solutions, revolutionizing industries and reshaping the future of automation.

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