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The World's 1st flying motorcycle / flying bike available for sale.

The World's 1st flying motorcycle / bike available for sale.

Sales of the world's first flying motorcycle / bike called XTURISMO Limited Edition Episode ONE - Flying Bike / Motorcycle have started in Japan. Flying Bike / Motorcycle was developed by A.L.I. Technologies Inc. Japan, specializing in the production of drones.

Flying Bike or Hoverbike or Flying Motorcycle is equipped with an internal combustion engine and six propellers, four of which are battery operated.
Specification Flying Bike or Hoverbike or Flying Motorcycle:
- Power Train: Internal combustion engine and electric powered;
- Control: Autonomous control by electronic control;
- Curb Weight: 300 kg;
- Dimensions: Overall Length: 3.7m / Width: 2.4m / Height: 1.5m;
- Range: 30~40 min;
- Load Capacity: up to 100 kg.

The sponsors of the project Flying Bike are industrial heavyweights Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and KYOCERA Corporation. Today, this World's 1st flying motorcycle / bike is available for sale. The Starting asking price �is set at 682,000 USD.�

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