Uber’s $ 8 billion food delivery by robot could destroy 100,000 cars.

delivery by robot

We’re moving two pounds of burritos into two tons of cars and it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Yahoo Finance Live co-founder Ali Kashani said it was highly ineffective.

His company announced a deal with Uber Technologies UBER to deliver food by robotsb to Uber Eats customers in Los Angeles next year.

It is known that you now have a labor shortage. According to Kashani, robots are ready to help with – delivery by robots, while simultaneously removing cars from the road. He said delivery robots promise to make cities less busy and reduce carbon emissions.

According to the company, half of all restaurants in the US are within a 40-minute walk, and they can delivery by robot groceries faster, safer, and cheaper than traditional automotive services.

The grocery delivery by robot business is set to grow $ 220 billion by 2023, according to Bringg. Finnish food delivery by robot startup Wolt Enterprises Oy will win close to $ 8 billion this week on news that it will acquire DoorDash DASH.

The company’s total revenues were $ 4.8 billion, which resulted in Uber’s profit in quarter 3, when orders increased 97% from a year ago.

The goal is to get 5% of all food supplies on the way over the next five years. This will be the equivalent of 100,000 vehicles to be eliminated in the United States alone, Kashani said.

serve robotics was founded in 2017 as a division of Pochtins. In 2020, Uber bought Postmates and earlier this year made the robotics service a private company because we would like to be able to partner with more people and actually offer us our service to others, Kashani explained, predicting what his robots would do. more than just food delivery.

I mean this will be a supermarket, these are your convenience items, alcohol, I mean you will appoint everything. The serve robots can carry up to 50 pounds of cargo and drive all day in a single calculation. Friendly cars have names like Yuno, Emma, Hugo, and Kenizu. Everyone can transform two large shopping bags or four large pizzas into their shipping containers.

Kaskhani said robots will change the way people are trafficked. With robots, you can actually buy shoes from a local store, support your local business, and they come in three sizes, you can try them, choose the one that really fits, put the other two in the robot. He said the company speaks with other companies and hopes to announce more partnerships in the future. According to Kashani, the 16 states that have established a framework for robots on the streets will make robots affordable and sustainable.

Adam Shapir is co-owner of Yahoo Finance Live.

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