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Gatik's autonomous truck deployment with Tyson Foods

Gatik, developer of autonomous middle-mile logistics, is deploying self-driving refrigerated box trucks with Tyson Foods in Arkansas. Under the multi-year collaboration, the trucks will operate 18 hours daily, moving products between Tyson facilities in Rogers and Springdale.

Starting this week, Gatik's trucks will handle short, repetitive routes between plants and storage on predetermined loops.

"We're excited to partner with Tyson Foods to reduce costs and complexity in their regional distribution," said Gatik CEO and co-founder Gautam Narang. "This is a significant milestone as we incorporate Class 7 box trucks into our fleet. Our Tyson partnership will drive long-term innovation, supply chain resiliency, and near-term value."

The 26-foot temperature-controlled trucks are purpose-built to safely transport refrigerated and frozen goods quickly. Gatik utilizes multiple fail-safe sensor modalities tailored for short-haul B2B needs.

Initially, a safety driver will monitor the autonomous system and take over if necessary. Gatik follows a three-phase deployment approach involving simulation, closed-course testing, and public road testing.

"At Tyson Foods, we're using automation including in transportation," said Tyson's Patrick Simmons. "This partnership strategically places our drivers while reliably and safely moving protein from plant to distribution centers."

Tyson aims to achieve greater asset utilization, inventory objectives, and responsiveness through the collaboration.

Earlier in 2022, Gatik initiated a similar program with Kroger employing autonomous box trucks for fulfillment transfers in Dallas.

By demonstrating the viability of automated middle-mile logistics for large shippers, Gatik is paving the way for optimized supply chains. Using repeatsble short-haul routes in controlled environments, Gatik's platform can mitigate driver shortages while improving safety and efficiency. Partnerships like Tyson represent a critical step toward scaled driverless trucking in structured settings.

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