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Gausium accelerates the introduction of innovations in the field of autonomous cleaning

Shanghai, China – Gausium, a leading developer of autonomous cleaning solutions, today announced the completion of a $50 million Series D funding round. This strategic investment was made against the backdrop of the company's rapid growth as it expanded its presence worldwide and expanded its line of commercial cleaning robots.


"This latest round of funding will allow us to build on the incredible momentum we have achieved over the past 12 months," said a Gausium representative. "From strengthening our international presence to accelerating the introduction of innovative products, we are realizing our vision of a revolution in the commercial cleaning industry with autonomous robotics."

Gausium has already supplied more than 1,000 units of equipment to partners across Europe, with a strategic focus on spreading to the continent. The company's growth has also been noticeable in North America, which highlights the global appeal of its solutions for autonomous cleaning of private homes and businesses.

This is facilitated by popular products such as the universal floor cleaning robot Phantas, which can vacuum, sweep, scrub and dust with a mop. More than 8,000 Phantas units have been sold in the last year alone, and this robot is an example of a successful combination of innovation and scalability in Gausium. The diverse range of Phantas products is complemented by scrubbers 50, 75, vacuum 40, 111 sweepers and others.

The company's goal is to remain at the forefront of commercial cleaning automation. This funding will expand our product development program and allow us to explore new robotic solutions that will allow us to take a fresh look at the capabilities of our customers.

The $50 million increase is also due to the rapid growth of the commercial cleaning robot market as a whole. According to estimates by the research company Grand View, in 2022 the turnover of this sector amounted to 4.19 billion dollars, and by 2030 the average annual growth will be a staggering 22.9% as demand increases.

Gausium positions itself at the forefront of these transformations through strategic collaboration with industry titans such as SoftBank Robotics, which employs more than 2,000 Phantas devices. The company considers these partnerships to be key factors contributing to their market penetration.
"Collaboration is essential to change the cleaning landscape and stimulate innovation in business models across all verticals," said a company representative. "With the capital and increased resources for research and development, we will be able to create an even more reliable autonomous cleaning ecosystem together with our partners in 2024."

The Gausium D series SUVs are confidently entering the new year. Having achieved profitability through operational optimization and product improvement, the company has focused on accelerating the development of its portfolio of advanced robotic solutions and the introduction of new cleaning solutions based on artificial intelligence.

From Shanghai to businesses around the world, Gausium self-propelled floor cleaners and autonomous assistants are ready to make a new revolution in the automation of commercial cleaning. With this funding providing "rocket fuel", the robotics innovator is ready to strengthen its leading position in key markets in the coming years.

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