The gaze of the robot can influence human behavior.

Scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology made a startling discovery - it turned out that the gaze of the robot affects the speed of human decision-making.

The research results are published on the Science Robotics website.

During the experiment, 40 people interacted with the humanoid robot iCub. At the same time, the gaze of the robot directed at the person influenced his behavior. Scientists have recorded changes in the activity of neurons in the brain using an electroencephalogram.

According to the terms of the game, two virtual machines rushed towards each other, the process was interrupted just before the moment of impact, after which the participants were asked to look at the robot.

ICub either met his gaze or averted his gaze. At this point, the participants in the experiment had to decide to continue moving or to dodge.

The results of the study showed that the robot's gaze slightly increased the time it took to make a decision. At the same time, the subjects acted faster if the robot looked away.

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