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Gecko Robotics launches Cantilever platform

Pittsburgh-based robotics startup Gecko Robotics has officially launched Cantilever, its new integrated software solution for analyzing and optimizing physical asset health. By consolidating data from Gecko's robots, sensors and partner systems, Cantilever enables unprecedented visibility into asset conditions to drive better maintenance decisions.

Cantilever creates a digital twin of customers' infrastructure assets like power plants, factories and military equipment. It ingests real-time inspection data from Gecko's robots and drone-mounted sensors, which can access hard-to-reach areas. This is combined with historical operational data, design files, and other business metrics to generate a comprehensive view of asset health.

Powerful AI algorithms process these varied data layers to detect anomalies, predict failures, and prescribe targeted interventions. Gecko claims this level of granular, robot-collected data has never before been available to industrial organizations, allowing Cantilever to pinpoint issues and maintenance needs with far greater accuracy.

The actionable insights are presented via user-friendly software modules tailored for specific applications. For example, U.S. Navy commanders can quickly generate detailed repair recommendations that previously took weeks of manual effort. Energy companies can optimize maintenance spending and extend asset lifetimes.

"Cantilever is designed to become the primary operating system for the physical world," said Gecko CEO Jake Loosararian. "Our robots are collecting asset health data at a quantity and quality never seen before. Cantilever brings everything together into the first complete solution to transform decision-making."

Gecko says early adopters in defense, manufacturing and energy are already realizing benefits from Cantilever's unprecedented data foundation. The company aims to shift customers from reactive, scheduled maintenance to predictive, condition-based approaches that maximize uptime and safety at lower cost.

Looking ahead, Gecko plans to expand Cantilever's capabilities by connecting more data sources and refining the AI analytics. The company envisions the platform becoming an essential operational tool for any organization that relies on physical infrastructure and machinery. By converging cutting-edge robotics with data science, Gecko hopes to revolutionize maintenance and management best practices across industries.

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