GITAI's expanded Series B funding and lunar robotics technology

Space robotics startup GITAI has secured an additional $15 million for its Series B round, bringing total funds raised to $45 million. The Japan-based company, with branches in the US and Japan, plans to expand stateside operations and support an upcoming lunar surface demonstration with the financing.

The extended round saw investments from Green Co-Invest Investment, Pacific Bay Fund, and MSIVC 2021V Venture Capital, alongside debt financing from MUFG Bank. This follows an initial $30 million Series B in 2021.

GITAI is developing robotic solutions tailored for the lunar environment, including its Lunar Inchworm design. This robotic arm uses proprietary grapple end effectors on both ends, enabling autonomous mobility by grasping terrain. The interchangeable extremities allow connecting specialized tools to perform various tasks.

The startup has also created an affordable, high-performance Lunar Rover capable of constructing essential infrastructure on the moon's surface. This includes solar arrays, communication antennas, and habitat modules to support lunar exploration.

In August 2022, GITAI completed NASA Technology Readiness Level 3 tests on its inchworm arm and rovers in a simulated lunar setting at JAXA's Sagamihara Campus. The demos validated mobility, capabilities, and performance for prospective lunar applications like base building.

GITAI Co-founder and CEO Sho Nakanose stated the additional funding will help expedite commercialization of its lunar technologies. As space activities ramp up, the company aims to support infrastructure needs on the moon with its automated solutions.

With seasoned space partners and robotics expertise, GITAI is primed to enable the next phase of lunar development. The strong Series B interest reflects promising demand for industrial-grade robotics beyond Earth. GITAI's imminent lunar technology demonstrations will further validate its role in expanding humanity's presence in space.

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