GoChess robotic Chess for playing with AI and real opponents

If you have just started playing chess or are an experienced professional, it can be difficult to find people with your skill level with whom you can play. GoChess allows you to do this online using a real physical chessboard.

GoChess is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign and is produced by Particula, a company specializing in electronic games. At rest, GoChess looks like any other chess set, but it is connected to the application via Bluetooth, and under its translucent surface there are tiny robots on wheels.

These robots move magnetic pieces across the board in response to moves made in real time by opponents on online chess platforms.

At the same time, the opponent can play on his PC, they don't have to use the GoChess board either. GoChess users move the shapes manually, although they can do so using voice commands. When the pieces are moved manually, the magnet in each piece is detected by sensors on the board, which allows the system to know which piece was moved and to which cell.

Along with the confrontation with other players, users can play with AI on 32 different difficulty levels. Regardless of who the opponent is, users can take advantage of the hints with the help of colored LEDs under each cell. They light up to suggest good and bad moves.

Using the app when playing alone, you can also choose chess puzzles to develop skills or view moves from famous historical chess matches. In addition, the application keeps a record of the user's games, tracking his progress and suggesting ways to improve.

The cost of the full version of the system on Kickstarter is $259, the Lite version is $219. The planned retail price is $379 and $319, respectively. It is planned that the first boards will be sent to customers in May next year.

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