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HEBI Robotics Appoints New Leadership: CEO and CTO

HEBI Robotics, headquartered in Pittsburgh, announces significant changes in leadership as it appoints Bob Raida as CEO and Dave Rollinson as CTO. Howie Choset, the acting CEO, assumes the role of chairman of the board. This strategic shift underscores HEBI's evolution from a technology provider for researchers to a solutions provider for end-users.

Raida's journey with HEBI began in 2015 when he joined as an external business consultant, eventually becoming the company's first full-time employee in 2016 as VP of business development. With a background steeped in the Pittsburgh entrepreneurial ecosystem, including co-founding TrueCommerce, Raida brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Rollinson, a co-founder of HEBI Robotics, is celebrated for his contributions to the development of the company's modular robotics technology. His tenure at RedZone Robotics provided invaluable insights into the challenges of automation in dynamic environments.

Howie Choset, reflecting on HEBI's trajectory, expressed optimism about the company's future direction. "Since our inception in 2014, we've made significant strides in platform development, streamlining robotics development processes, and exploring innovative applications. Now, with a solid foundation, we're poised to extend our reach beyond the laboratory into mainstream automation."

Looking ahead, Raida outlines HEBI's ambitious vision for democratizing robot development. "Our goal is to empower subject matter experts, whether technicians, farmers, or soldiers, to harness the potential of robotics. By focusing on key commercial applications and refining our platform, we aim to make robot integration seamless and accessible to diverse industries."

Raida emphasizes the transformative impact of ongoing projects with industrial partners, which promise to revolutionize industrial inspections and maintenance tasks. "Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually enhance our platform, ensuring it addresses the evolving needs of our users."

As HEBI Robotics charts a new course under its dynamic leadership, the company remains dedicated to advancing automation solutions that empower industries and individuals alike. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments from HEBI Robotics in the coming months and years.

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