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The Dark Side of AI: Forbidden Planet and the Laws of Robotics

The idea of creating robots that can make life easier for people has been around for a long time. The Hollywood film Forbidden Planet, released in 1956, was one of the first successful attempts to portray robots on television. However, the film also illustrates the dangers of technology in the hands of an inept user.

In the film, an intelligent machine on the planet Altair IV can create objects according to the mental images of its owner. Both good and bad. This beautiful picture perfectly illustrates how great technology can be a dangerous mistake in the wrong hands.

Today, as the world becomes increasingly virtual, it is easy to cross the fine line beyond which no one can close the open Pandora's box. We need to think not only about the race of technologies in the field of AI but also remember the laws of robotics by Azimov.

There are various hacker and terrorist groups that want to adopt the latest developments in artificial intelligence and modern models of robots. The uncontrolled consciousness of a user can create monsters that can destroy everything in their path.

At the end of Forbidden Planet, the monster generated by the uncontrolled consciousness of the doctor destroys him and self-destructs. The astronauts, saving Altair, leave the inhospitable planet and rush home. We can defeat any monster, but what will be the price of victory?

As we continue to develop and hire robot workers, we must exercise caution and ensure that we are using AI systems responsibly. We must remember the laws of robotics and take measures to prevent technology from falling into the wrong hands. Only then can we truly reap the benefits of artificial intelligence without putting ourselves and others at risk.

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