Robots Revolutionize Dining Experience at Israeli Restaurant

In a groundbreaking move, the Herzliya branch of the popular Benedict restaurant chain in Israel has launched a pilot project using robots to help waiters serve customers. The KettyBot robots, manufactured by Chinese company Pudu, bring orders to tables and take used dishes to the sink, while the Israeli-made Temi robot acts as an administrator who receives and seats visitors.

The KettyBot robots, supplied and serviced by One Robotix in Israel, are equipped with a "map of the area" of the restaurant and table numbers, allowing them to navigate efficiently and deliver food to the correct tables. They can also deliver invoices or other items to specific tables, freeing up waiters to focus more on customer interactions. Additionally, the robots are programmed to apologize if they cross a person's path.

Yair Kindler, owner of Benedict, explained that the robots were introduced to address the acute shortage of waiters, especially after the practice of BATH (unpaid leave). He hopes that the robots will significantly facilitate the work of the service personnel and attract additional personnel to the institution.

Gilad and Jessica, visitors to the Benedict restaurant in Herzliya, shared their positive impressions of the robots, expressing surprise and appreciation for how much the robots helped the waiters. One of a group of businessmen who came for a business lunch even joked that he would hire such a robot for his work.

The potential of the robots in the Herzliya restaurant is far from being fully utilized. Future plans include programming the machines to dance and sing around birthday tables and enabling voice control for commands like "give" and "take away."

With the success of the robots at Benedict in Herzliya, it's expected that more Israeli restaurants will embrace this innovative technology. In fact, a robotic pizzeria is planned to open soon at the Drorim shopping center, with the first automated branch of Pizza Hut set to launch at the Bnei Dror intersection.

Join the future of dining at Benedict in Herzliya, where robots revolutionize the dining experience and redefine customer service.

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