It’s time to be born a robot.

It's time to be born a robot

After the head of SoftBank announced at SoftBank World that one robot can replace 10 people, we learned that Katie Wood’s Ark Invest, a technology investment fund, has invested in Komatsu, a Japanese company focused on the production of trucks and dump trucks. The company plans to automate and robotize the produced transport models. Therefore, Katie’s visionary gift again helps her make the right investment decision.
The field of robotics, which begins to grow exponentially every year, is becoming a tasty morsel for investors. Today, the robotics market offers robots for almost every area of our life. Vacuum cleaners, dump trucks, cleaners, disinfectants, cooks, doctors. And this list can be continued for a very long time.
Robotization is receiving more and more government support. Suffice it to recall the opening of a bridge in Amsterdam, where a robot was present along with members of the Royal Family.

We are waiting for the time when the construction of Lunar or Martian bases will be given to robots, who, along with humans, will become the first colonizers of space.

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