Blue Origin Auction: New Shepard Seat Sold for $28M

The eagerly anticipated auction for a coveted seat aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft has concluded, with the winning bid soaring to a staggering $28 million. The auction, which closed on Saturday, witnessed intense bidding activity, with 20 active bidders from around the globe vying for the chance to join Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark on the historic spaceflight scheduled for July 20.

Initiating with a starting bid of $4.8 million, the auction garnered significant attention, attracting participation from over 7,600 individuals representing 159 countries. In the final minutes of the 10-minute bidding frenzy, offers surged, ultimately culminating in the record-breaking $28 million bid.

While the identity of the winning bidder remains undisclosed, Blue Origin has confirmed that the proceeds from the auction will be donated to its Club for the Future foundation. Founded with a mission to inspire and educate future generations in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the foundation is dedicated to fostering innovation and exploration in the realm of space.

Preparations for the momentous spaceflight are already underway, with the winning bidder and fellow passengers set to undergo flight training two days prior to the launch. Onboard the New Shepard spacecraft, passengers will ascend beyond the Karman Line, the internationally recognized boundary of space located 100 kilometers above sea level.

During the approximately 11-minute flight, passengers will experience exhilarating moments of weightlessness as they unbuckle their seat belts and float in zero gravity for approximately three minutes. Following this extraordinary experience, the spacecraft will descend back to Earth, touching down safely in Van Horn, Texas.

Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft, embarking on its sixteenth flight and its first with passengers, symbolizes a new era in space tourism and exploration. While the winning bidder has secured their seat, the remaining passengers set to accompany Bezos on this historic journey have yet to be announced.

In anticipation of the momentous event, Jeff Bezos shared his excitement on Instagram, expressing his lifelong dream of venturing into space alongside his brother. As the countdown to July 20th begins, the world awaits with bated breath to witness this remarkable adventure unfold.

Experience the thrill of space exploration with Blue Origin's historic New Shepard flight and join the ranks of space pioneers pushing the boundaries of human achievement.

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