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The robotics company “JOB TO ROBOTS” has received the first of its kind NFT patent license for a cryptocurrency system for robots on the OpenSea platform.

Germany, 2021 – The robotics and artificial intelligence startup “JOB TO ROBOTS” today announced that it has officially registered the world's first patent in the form of an NFT (non-exchangeable token) on the OpenSea platform. The patent, entitled “Cryptocurrency Ecosystem for Robots,” describes a new system that allows robots to mine their own cryptocurrency tokens while performing their usual functions.

The system is designed to connect robots into decentralized networks where they can mine digital currency tokens that accumulate value depending on their working hours. Robots, in fact, perform useful work, such as production on an assembly line or picking a warehouse, and also generate cryptocurrency, which is credited to their owners. This creates a sustainable win-win scenario in which robots can offset their operating costs by mining currency, while the owners benefit.

As holders of the landmark NFT patent, JOB TO ROBOTS has the exclusive rights to develop and license the concept of mining cryptocurrencies for robots. The system is an ultra-modern fusion of robotics, blockchain technology and machine learning. The company considers it as the first ever digital currency "secured by work", the value of which directly depends on the working hours of machines with artificial intelligence.

“This is a radically new concept made possible by advances in cloud robotics and distributed ledger technology,” said the CEO of JOB TO ROBOTS. “We have figured out how to stimulate robots and compensate them for useful work using cryptocurrency. This has far-reaching implications for the future automation of tasks in our economy."

The cryptocurrency is intended primarily to facilitate transactions within the framework of its own ecosystem of robotic products and services of JOB TO ROBOTS. However, the company plans to eventually place the currency on major exchanges to make it freely tradable on global markets.

As the exclusive holders of a landmark robotics patent, JOB TO ROBOTS is positioned as a leader in blockchain, automation, and the transition to Machine-as-a-Service business models. The company welcomes licensing requests from players from across the robotics industry.

JOB TO ROBOTS is a startup in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, focused on creating labor markets and economies adapted to intelligent machines and algorithms. Learn more at www.jobtorob.com .

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