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Be a Robotics Pioneer: Join Figure AI's Team!

The world of work is on the cusp of a revolution, and Figure AI Inc., a groundbreaking American company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is leading the charge. Figure AI is pioneering the development of general-purpose humanoid robots designed to address labor shortages, tackle undesirable or unsafe jobs, and ultimately, augment the human workforce. If you're a passionate individual with a vision for the future, then Figure AI could be the platform where you turn your ideas into reality.

Figure AI offers a vast array of employment opportunities for a diverse range of talent, from seasoned engineers and software developers to aspiring technicians eager to break into the exciting field of robotics. For those with a knack for building the tools that empower AI systems, the AI Tooling Engineer and Distributed Systems Engineer positions offer the chance to develop and manage critical infrastructure for Figure AI's robots.

Human-robot interaction is a cornerstone of Figure AI's technology. The Humanoid Robot Operator Interface Engineer position allows you to design and develop intuitive interfaces that enable seamless communication and control of these groundbreaking robots.

Building a robot's 'sense of place' is crucial for its efficient operation. The Localization and Mapping Software Engineer and Perception/Computer Vision Software Engineer positions focus on developing software that allows Figure AI's robots to navigate their environment and interact with objects effectively.

Coordinating complex robot movements requires sophisticated software. The Robot Behavior Coordination Engineer and Robot Manipulation Engineer positions offer the chance to develop algorithms that govern the robots' actions, ensuring they perform tasks with precision and dexterity.

Planning and simulation are essential for robot development. The Robot Simulation Engineer and Software Engineer, Autonomy Platform positions allow you to contribute to creating virtual environments where robot behavior can be tested and refined before real-world deployment.

Software development extends beyond robot autonomy. The Teleop Software Engineer position focuses on developing software that enables remote control of robots, offering increased flexibility and safety when needed.

Hardware expertise is equally important. The Actuator Controls Developer and Robotics Software Engineer positions allow you to design and implement the control systems that govern robot movement and functionality.

For those with a focus on optimizing robot motion, the Senior Motion Planning and Navigation Engineer position offers the challenge of developing algorithms that ensure efficient and safe robot navigation.

Precise control is vital. The Senior Robotics Controls Engineer position focuses on designing and implementing the control systems that govern the precise movements of Figure AI's robots.

Data visualization plays a crucial role in understanding robot performance. The Staff Data Visualization Engineer position allows you to create insightful visualizations that communicate complex robot data to a broader audience.

Building these advanced robots requires a skilled supply chain team. The Global Supply Manager position oversees the procurement of essential materials and components.

Mechanical engineering expertise is in high demand. Figure AI offers positions for Mechanical Engineer, Applications, Senior FEA Engineer, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Hands (focusing on robot hand design), and Senior Softgoods Engineer (specializing in robot skin and other soft materials).

Thermal management is critical for any electronic device. The Senior Thermal Engineer position focuses on ensuring optimal heat dissipation within Figure AI's robots.

Machine vision requires specialized hardware. The Camera System Engineer position offers the chance to develop and integrate advanced camera systems that provide robots with critical visual information.

Cybersecurity is paramount for any connected device. The Cybersecurity Engineer position plays a vital role in safeguarding Figure AI's robots from cyber threats.

Maintaining efficient software development lifecycles is crucial. The DevOps Engineer position ensures seamless integration and deployment of code, while the Electrical Engineer Intern (September 2024) internship provides an opportunity for aspiring engineers to gain valuable experience in the field of robotics.

Software development encompasses various disciplines. Figure AI offers positions for Embedded Software Engineer, Firmware Engineer, and Motor Controls Firmware Engineer, catering to specialists in different areas of embedded systems development.

Safety is a top priority for Figure AI. The Robotic Safety Engineer position plays a vital role in ensuring the safe operation of their robots in various environments.

Electrical engineering expertise is also sought after. The Senior Electrical Engineer position focuses on designing and implementing the electrical systems that power Figure AI's robots.

With a focus on excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Figure AI Inc. is poised to shape the future of robotics and AI, one groundbreaking innovation at a time.

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