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Kawasaki Robotics unveils innovative new cobot series

Kawasaki Robotics made a strong impression at this week's Automate trade show, giving attendees a first look at its highly anticipated CL family of collaborative robots (cobots). This unveiling, along with a series of impressive application demonstrations developed in collaboration with technology partners, underscored Kawasaki's commitment to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of industrial automation.



"From our AI-enabled robots to our rich library of technology partners, it's the collective use of human ingenuity that fuels Kawasaki's product offerings," stated Seiji Amazawa, president of Kawasaki Robotics. "Our goal is to harness industrial automation in a way that makes the possibilities virtually limitless for our customers, and our Automate showing will help to reinforce that."

The CL Series: Combining Cobot Safety with Industrial Prowess The star of Kawasaki's Automate showcase was undoubtedly the new CL series of collaborative robots. Designed and built in Germany, these cutting-edge cobots leverage robot assistance technology from NEURA Robotics, a Kawasaki partner, to deliver a unique combination of safety, intuitiveness, and industrial-grade performance.

According to Alexandre Boffi, manager for general industries sales at Kawasaki, the company observed a growing demand for cobots that could match the repeatability, accuracy, robustness, and environmental protection of traditional industrial robots while retaining the ease of use and safety features that have made cobots increasingly popular.

The result is the CL series, which boasts impressive specifications: speeds up to 200º/s, repeatability of ±0.02 mm (0.0007 in.), and payload capacities ranging from 3 kg/590 mm (6.6 lb./23.2 in.) to 10 kg/1,000 mm (22 lb./39.3 in.). With free mounting orientations, small footprints, and IP66 classification, these cobots are designed to excel in a wide range of industrial environments.

Moreover, the CL series features an intuitive user interface and proprietary safety architecture that facilitate seamless human-robot collaboration, a hallmark of Kawasaki's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation while prioritizing worker safety.

Cutting-Edge Applications Showcasing Versatility In addition to the CL series, Kawasaki Robotics demonstrated several innovative applications developed in collaboration with its technology partners, showcasing the versatility and potential of its robotics solutions.

One such application was an adaptable finishing system designed by Advanced Machine & Tool (AMT) Precision Parts, capable of handling diverse materials and surface types with ease. Another highlight was an unstructured parcel sorting solution utilizing Kawasaki's R Series robots, Mech Mind's 3D camera, and AI-powered software, addressing a critical need in the logistics industry.

CRG Automation showcased multi-SKU palletizing and depalletizing using a BX130X robot, as well as an automated corner-board application leveraging a RS00L robot. Olis Robotics' Olis Connect edge-hosted product provided remote control and monitoring capabilities for the entire system, further enhancing operational efficiency.

"As customer demand for products of all kinds increases and the unceasing need for skilled labor remains, robotics and automation are clear answers to this widespread industry problem," said Amazawa. "We are motivated by our passion for creating the best possible robotic solutions to ensure our customers see nothing but excitement, potential, and growth when they look to the future."

A Commitment to Continuous Optimization and Collaboration Kawasaki Robotics' impressive Automate showcase underscored the company's commitment to continually optimizing its product offerings, aided by its "technology-agnostic stance and expanding network of partners." With over 50 years of automation experience as a unit of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the company is leveraging its expertise and collaborating with cutting-edge technology providers to deliver solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible in industrial automation.

Moreover, Kawasaki Robotics' partnership with Olis Robotics has yielded a powerful combination of robots and controls designed to enable customers to restart production faster, reduce troubleshooting and downtime costs by up to 90%, and gain access to expert support more quickly – a testament to the company's focus on delivering value and operational efficiency to its customers.

As the demand for automation continues to surge across industries, Kawasaki Robotics' innovative offerings and collaborative approach position the company at the forefront of this technological revolution. With a keen eye toward the future and a commitment to harnessing the collective power of human ingenuity, Kawasaki Robotics is poised to shape the future of industrial automation, one groundbreaking solution at a time.

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