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Munich on the Move: KEWAZO Expands and Seeks Talent

Bavarian Robotics Startup on the Rise

The Bavarian city of Munich, a hub for innovation and technology, is about to witness an exciting development. KEWAZO GmbH, a fast-growing robotics startup, is on the lookout for top talent to join their team. With their sights set on expansion, KEWAZO is actively seeking passionate individuals to fill two key positions: a Field Service Technician and a Founders Associate.

Revolutionizing Construction with Robotic Solutions

KEWAZO isn't your average robotics company. They're pioneering a new frontier – construction robotics. Their innovative solutions utilize intelligent robots to automate tedious and labor-intensive tasks on construction sites. This not only improves efficiency and productivity but also enhances worker safety and well-being.

Field Service Technician: The Hands-On Hero

The Field Service Technician role offers a dynamic and challenging environment. As the on-site representative of KEWAZO, you'll be responsible for a variety of crucial tasks, including:

  • Troubleshooting: Diagnose and resolve any technical issues that may arise with KEWAZO's robotic systems.
  • Project Execution: Work closely with construction teams to ensure seamless integration and operation of KEWAZO robots on various projects.
  • Maintenance Work: Perform regular maintenance to keep the robots in top condition and prevent downtime.
  • Customer Training: Provide comprehensive training to construction personnel on how to effectively utilize KEWAZO's robotic solutions.
  • Commissioning: Ensure the smooth installation and setup of KEWAZO robots at customer sites.
  • Feedback: Gather valuable customer feedback to inform future product development and service improvements.

This position requires a strong technical background, excellent problem-solving skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Founders Associate: Joining the Brains Behind the Brawn

The Founders Associate role offers a unique opportunity to be at the heart of KEWAZO's growth story. You'll work closely with the CEO, co-founders, and the business team, providing vital support across various functions. Here's a glimpse into what you might be doing:

  • Strategic Initiatives: Assist the leadership team in brainstorming and implementing new growth strategies.
  • Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify new business opportunities and customer needs.
  • Partnership Development: Forge strategic partnerships with key players in the construction industry.
  • Operational Support: Provide operational support to various departments within the company.
  • Deal Flow & Analysis: Evaluate potential business deals and investment opportunities.

This position requires a highly motivated and adaptable individual with strong analytical and communication skills.

A Career at the Forefront of Innovation

Both the Field Service Technician and Founders Associate roles offer more than just a job. They provide a chance to be part of a groundbreaking company that's redefining the construction industry. It's an opportunity to work alongside a passionate team, tackle real-world challenges, and contribute to shaping the future of robotics.

Join the KEWAZO Revolution

If you're a skilled technician seeking a dynamic career or a talented individual passionate about innovation and eager to make a difference, then KEWAZO might be the perfect place for you. Head over to their careers page to learn more and apply for these exciting opportunities.

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