Kitchen robot, cafe robot, robot cook from Riga.

Kitchen robot from Riga

“You just download our Roboeatz app, place your order, and within a few minutes we will prepare your order of your choice,” say the guys from Roboeatz.

They plan to revolutionize the fast food market with innovative robotic solutions.
The cafe, which houses a robotic arm for cooking, sits under an old crumbling bridge and is designed so that visitors can watch the cooking process.
“On some days we have no end to customers, and from the audience too,” the owners of the cafe grin. The cafe has a recreation area where visitors can enjoy both the eat and the robotic show.
Roboeatz was founded in January 2018 by Konstantin Korchomkin and Janis Poruks, who have been running the Woki Toki fast food chain in Latvia since 2009. According to its founders, the robot replaces them from four to six employees, and the quality of the prepared food is so high that the member of the educational council of the Latvian capital Iveta Ratinika says: “The food turned out to be tastier than I expected!”. At the same time, adding that the educational council is considering the possibility of attracting schoolchildren to excursions to this institution.
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in automated kitchen technology, a process that has been accelerated by the pandemic.

At a newly opened café in Paris, customers can watch robots collect, bake and pack pizza at speeds of up to 80 per hour.

In the US, a robot named Sally, owned by startup Chowbotics, can prepare salads sold through a vending machine.

And for the ultimate in home luxury, the British company unveiled a fully robotic kitchen last year that will cost customers at least £ 248,000 (€ 291,000, $ 347,000).
“Robots will never replace a person, because you will never see a line of those guys on the streets who are ready to make burgers all day. But robotics can help facilitate human work in those areas where we need it most,” say the guys from Roboeatz. Well, we believe them and wish them success!

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