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Kodiak Robotics Ramps Up Hiring - Drive Your Career in Self-Driving Trucks!

Breaking News Jobs: Kodiak Robotics Shifts Gears - Join the Autonomous Trucking Revolution!

The landscape of transportation is undergoing a seismic shift with the rise of self-driving vehicles. Kodiak Robotics, a pioneering American company at the forefront of this revolution, is actively seeking talented individuals to join their team in Mountain View, California. If you're a passionate engineer or software developer eager to be a part of history in the making, then this is your chance to propel your career forward!

Kodiak Robotics: Unveiling a Spectrum of Opportunities:

Kodiak Robotics recognizes the intricate nature of developing self-driving trucks, reflected in the diverse range of job openings available. These positions cater to a variety of skillsets and experience levels, offering a chance for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals to contribute to the future of logistics. Whether your expertise lies in software engineering, machine learning, or control systems design, Kodiak Robotics has a place for you.

Behind the Wheel of Innovation: Key Positions at Kodiak Robotics

  • Onboard Infrastructure Software Engineer: This pivotal role plays a key part in designing and implementing the core software infrastructure that forms the backbone of Kodiak's self-driving trucks. Your expertise will be instrumental in ensuring seamless operation and communication within the autonomous vehicle system.
  • Robotics Platform Engineer: As a Robotics Platform Engineer, you'll delve into the intricate world of integrating hardware and software to create a cohesive platform for autonomous trucking operations. Your ability to bridge the gap between these disciplines will be crucial for developing a robust and reliable platform.
  • Senior AI/ML Systems Architect - Next-Gen Deep Learning Platforms: Are you an AI and machine learning (ML) mastermind? This role places you at the forefront of designing and optimizing Kodiak's next-generation deep learning platforms, the intelligent core that powers the trucks' decision-making capabilities.
  • Senior Software Engineer positions: Kodiak Robotics offers a variety of Senior Software Engineer roles catering to specific areas of expertise. These include Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Machine Learning Infrastructure, Sensor Fusion & State Estimation, Embedded Systems, Simulation, Controls, and Motion Planning & Prediction. Find your niche and contribute your skills to a groundbreaking project.
  • Senior Security Engineer: Cybersecurity is paramount in the autonomous trucking realm. This Senior Security Engineer role ensures the integrity and safety of Kodiak's systems by collaborating with the hardware engineering team and implementing robust security measures.
  • Systems Engineer, Autonomy Software: As a Systems Engineer, you'll play a vital role in developing and maintaining the software that governs the autonomous driving functionalities of Kodiak's trucks.

This list is just a glimpse into the exciting career opportunities awaiting at Kodiak Robotics. If you're a highly motivated individual with a passion for innovation and a desire to revolutionize the transportation industry, then explore their job listings and take the first step towards a truly groundbreaking career. Be a part of the team that's shaping the future of self-driving trucks and transform the way goods move across the nation!

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