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KUKA unveils KR FORTEC industrial robot

Medical device company Dexcom continues its rapid growth and innovation in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with several key announcements that will significantly expand its market and connectivity with automated insulin delivery partners.


"We developed the KR FORTEC to achieve a lower total cost of ownership and to launch a resource-saving product," said Maximilian Pettkuhn, KUKA's portfolio manager. At 1,543 pounds, the new robot weighs up to 700 kg (1,543 pounds) less than its predecessor.

The more compact footprint enables flexible applications like parts handling and spot welding in space-constrained factories. KUKA also touts cross-model modularization that enables component reuse across robot series, reducing spare parts inventories and associated costs.

With the KL 4000 linear expansion unit, working envelopes stretch up to 98 feet. Importantly, the modular add-on can equip other KUKA models like the heavy-payload KR QUANTEC and KR FORTEC ultra as well, streamlining customization.

Additional customer-friendly capabilities include ruggedized waterproof/dustproof wrists and operation ranges from 0 to 55°C. Foundry versions withstand dirty industrial environments.

The new robot also pairs with KUKA's MixedReality software, which overlays simulations onto real-world views through phones or tablets. By visualizing movements and potential collisions, the augmented reality system aims to accelerate setup, enhance safety, and limit errors.

From automotive plants to healthcare facilities, KUKA's robots support automation across industries. The KR FORTEC looks to bolster that footprint with flexible, interoperable, cost-conscious factory robotics designed for the modern manufacturing landscape. 

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