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Kung fu robots have been introduced in kindergartens in South Korea.

The country's authorities have begun testing Alpha Mini robots in kindergartens in Seoul: this is how they go to prepare children for a high-tech future
South Korea has begun testing robots "Alpha Mini" ("Alpha Mini") for teaching in kindergartens, according to The Guardian. The first Alpha Mini appeared in preschool institutions in Seoul.

The kung fu robot is small, only 24.5 cm high. He can tell stories, sing, dance and teach kung fu techniques. Sensors that track a child's movements and gestures allow us to record his behavior and reactions.

The kung fu robot blinks and winks, and during the conversation, its pupils take on the shape of a heart. Using the camera on his helmet, he takes pictures, which are instantly sent to a special tablet.

“In the future, being able to manage artificial intelligence and related tools will be very important,” said Han Dong Seog, an employee of the Seoul government's childcare department.

Alfa Mini kung fu robots are currently being tested in 300 nurseries and kindergartens in Seoul. The government recommends such a program for children between the ages of three and five. “We believe that the experience gained in kindergarten is very important throughout later life,” adds Khan. These robots are a great addition to traditional teachers and nannies. A robot hired to work in a kindergarten or school. can also be a security robot, a robot teacher, which will provide protection and education for children.

Alpha Mini was created as an educational platform for children. The invention won the CES Innovation Award.

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