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Lite3: DEEP Robotics' Next-Gen Quadruped Robot Dog Revolutionizes Research and Education!

DEEP Robotics Co., a trailblazer in global quadrupedal robotics, has unveiled its latest innovation in Europe: the Lite3 intelligent robot dog. Designed to cater to the needs of education, research, and entertainment sectors, Lite3 sets a new standard with its advanced mobility and open modular structure.

The Lite3 series introduces four distinct product models, ranging from a basic enthusiast model to advanced variants tailored for scientific study. Boasting DEEP Robotics' latest limb joints, control systems, and cutting-edge algorithms, Lite3 delivers unparalleled mobility, agility, and durability. Its open modular design allows for seamless scalability, empowering users to customize their Lite3 experience with additional modules.

Currently available in over a dozen countries spanning North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, Lite3 is now open for pre-orders in Europe through DEEP Robotics' official website and local resellers. Overseas shipping is slated to commence in September 2023, ensuring global accessibility to this groundbreaking technology.

DongXin Zheng, Product Manager at DEEP Robotics, emphasizes Lite3's commitment to affordability without compromising on performance. "Lite series is engineered to drive research and education forward. With Lite3, we've not only pushed the technical boundaries but also made it more accessible to a wider audience," Zheng states.

Renowned institutions such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, University of Edinburgh, and University College London already leverage DEEP Robotics' robot dogs for various research endeavors. Lite3's affordability further extends its reach, catering to both academic and enthusiast communities.

The latest iteration of Lite3 marks a significant leap forward from its predecessor, Lite2. Featuring proprietary leg-joint technology, Lite3 delivers 50% increased torque, ensuring robust performance across diverse applications. Its enhanced payload capacity, extended endurance, and industrial-grade real-time control system redefine the possibilities of quadruped robotics.

Lite3's open modular structure enables seamless integration of additional functionalities, including Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), artificial intelligence, and edge processing modules. This flexibility empowers users to tailor Lite3 to their specific research or educational requirements.

The inclusion of leveled-perception interfaces, coupled with LiDAR and depth camera technology, enhances Lite3's navigation capabilities, enabling auto-navigation, obstacle avoidance, and 3D scanning functionalities. DongXin Zheng highlights Lite3's adaptability, stating, "Its superior perception and interaction capabilities facilitate secondary application development, allowing users to unlock its full potential."

In summary, Lite3 represents a paradigm shift in quadruped robotics, combining advanced mobility, open modularity, and affordability. With its versatile capabilities and user-centric design, Lite3 is poised to revolutionize research, education, and entertainment landscapes worldwide, driving innovation and empowering future generations of roboticists.

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