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Locus Lock promises to protect autonomous systems from GPS spoofing

As cars, drones, planes, and other vehicles rely increasingly on GPS for navigation, a dangerous threat looms - GPS spoofing. This malicious practice involves transmitting false GPS signals to trick vehicles into thinking they are somewhere they're not, potentially causing crashes or veering dangerously off-course.


Austin-based startup Locus Lock aims to solve this problem with software for signal processing rather than expensive specialized hardware. Locus Lock's technology emerged from founder Hailey Nichols' graduate research on improving GPS receivers for drones at the University of Texas. She realized the lab's techniques for enhancing GPS data could address spoofing far more affordably than competing defense contractor systems.

Locus Lock's software-defined receivers leverage sensor fusion of GPS, inertial measurements, and other signals to detect spoofing attacks and stay on track with centimeter-level accuracy. This enables autonomous cars, drones, and robots to navigate reliably in urban areas and contested environments. And by running on inexpensive hardware platforms, Locus Lock's solution opens precise, trusted GPS capability to price-sensitive commercial users for a fraction of typical costs.

The need for Locus Lock is great and growing. Airline pilots increasingly report spoofed GPS signals jeopardizing passenger safety. Meanwhile, Russia has weaponized GPS spoofing against Ukraine while jamming signals across the Middle East. Shielding civilian and military navigation from these threats using adaptable anti-spoofing software could save lives.

As futurist CEOs like Elon Musk advance humanoid robots, protecting machine intelligence from digital hijacking is equally crucial. Locus Lock's funding from leading venture capital firm ff Venture Capital signals confidence in its potential. The startup looks to expand GPS reliability to autonomous platforms proliferating globally across industries. With software-defined innovation, Hailey Nichols and Locus Lock are smoothly navigating vehicles into a more secure, spoof-free future.

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