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LUCID Vision Labs expands production on Triton2 2.5GigE camera

Machine vision specialist LUCID Vision Labs has launched mass production of its Triton2 GigE camera featuring a new infrared-sensitive 2.4MP CMOS sensor for industrial inspection. The enhanced imaging payload within a ruggedized package suits quality control across manufacturing, logistics and more.

Equipped with Gpixel's GMAX4002 global shutter sensor, Triton2 captures crisp 2048 x 1200 resolution imagery with high light sensitivity spanning visible and near-infrared wavelengths. Onboard intelligence manages ethernet connectivity, GenICam compliance and extreme durability.

Notably, each of the CMOS chip's 4-micron pixels achieve a 72% quantum efficiency in the near-infrared band - crucial for applications like produce sorting or barcode scanning with IR illumination. 12-bit pixel depth also ensures ample dynamic range for discerning product defects under variable lighting.

Triton2's integrated 2.5 Gigabit ethernet interface enables rapid transfer of such dense sensor data to host analytic platforms. The IP67-rated cameras operate reliably despite dust or moisture while streamlining system integration using widely available networking hardware.

"Providing a range of sensors and resolutions supports diverse inspection tasks," said LUCID's Rod Barman. "Triton2 production exemplifies our commitment to aligning customizable imaging payloads with durable smart camera packaging."

By leveraging sensor technologies tailored for industrial imaging, LUCID enables customers to deploy vision ruthlessly optimized for precision, speed and consistency in the harshest environments. Purpose-built sensor payloads fused with adaptive vision brains foster quality manufacturing.

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