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Machine Labs Gears Up for Growth: Hiring Spree in LA

California Calling: Machine Labs Ramps Up Hiring

The City of Angels is about to witness a surge in exciting career opportunities. Machine Labs, Inc., a Los Angeles-based company revolutionizing manufacturing automation, is on a hiring spree. They're seeking a diverse range of talent, from seasoned engineers to skilled production technicians, to fuel their ambitious growth plans.

Unlocking Manufacturing's Potential

Machine Labs isn't your typical manufacturing company. They're at the forefront of a new era – one where intelligent automation is transforming production processes. Their innovative solutions utilize machine learning and robotics to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

A Spectrum of Opportunities Awaits

The current job openings at Machine Labs cater to a wide range of skillsets and experience levels. Here's a glimpse into the exciting careers you could pursue:

  • Engineering: Hone your technical expertise in roles like Automation Systems Engineer, Lead Computational Geometry Software Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer.
  • Software Development: Shape the future of manufacturing with positions like MLOps and Data Engineer, Robotics Software Engineer, Senior Robotics Software Engineer, and Software Engineer, Application Infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing: Play a vital role in bringing Machine Labs' vision to life through positions like CNC Machinist, Manufacturing Technician, Production Field Service Technician, Production Technician, and Quality Manager.

More Than Just a Job, It's an Innovation Mission

These positions offer more than just a paycheck. They present an opportunity to be part of a company that's pushing the boundaries of manufacturing. If you're passionate about technology, innovation, and making a real impact on an industry, then working at Machine Labs could be the perfect fit.

Join the Manufacturing Revolution

Whether you're a seasoned engineer, a talented software developer, or a skilled production professional, Machine Labs has an opportunity waiting for you. Head over to their careers page to explore these exciting openings and embark on a rewarding career journey at the forefront of manufacturing innovation.

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