42 companies

FAIR Innovation (Suzhou) Robot Systems Co., Ltd.

Welding Cobot, Palletizing Cobot, Pick & Place Cobot, Moxibustion Cobot, Rehabilitation Cobot

AgileX Robotics

Mobile robot chassis

Boston Dynamics, Inc.

Changing your idea of what robots can do!

Svaya Robotics Pvt. Ltd.

Human-robot collaboration to unlock new possibilities.

Ati Motors

Autonomy и material movement


Automation of production: Palletizing series parts. Stacking, unstacking and setting series products. Handling, feeding, loading, automation of machine tools, machines, presses, lathes, milling. Gluing, welding, painting of series products/parts

Addverb Technologies Limited

Production of equipment for industrial automation

Unitree Robotics - HangZhou YuShu TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD

Robotics: quadruped robots, humanoid robot