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“Technology and robots are advancing faster than ever: voice assistance, pattern recognition, service robots, educational robots, industrial robots...They are designed to provide information and do repetitive work to make our life more efficient.But something crucial is missing.I have been dreaming of having a robot friend since I was a child, like R2-D2 from Star Wars, Rodney from Robots, Wall-E from the film, or Baymax from Big Hero 6." said the creator of Eilik, Shaw Yeung.With this dream in mind, Shaw Yeung led Energize Lab team to build Eilik, a new kind of social robot that brings up a higher level of emotional social interactions between humans and robots.

We hope Eilik can be your little companion and bring endless fun to your desktop.Who We Are: Funded in 2019, Energize Lab is an innovative startup made up of a team of passionate and dynamic individuals, including technology enthusiasts, designers, artists, engineers, animators, creatives, and product developers.We are also a company specializing in robotic technology and products, covering robotic servos, robotic control systems, brushless motors, and consumer robots.Together we are dedicated to exploring the integration of technology and art and creating robots with souls and endless fun.

Type of works - A Little Companion Bot with Personality & Character.
Phone number - +8618207815460
Country - China
E-mail - eilik@energizelab.com


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" What is a product of company? "
Eilik is a new kind of robot with emotional intelligence that brings up a higher level of social interactions between humans and robots.
" What is the mission of a company? "
Energize Lab has been developing robot toys and robot servos over the years. We use our core technology to give the robot driving energy. What we do is far from a certain type of robot toy, but an interactive companion. It is our mission to create robots that inject energy, happiness, and companionship into your life.
" Does the company have a high turnover? "
Eilik's community is built for people who have an affinity with the little robot Eilik, regardless of their ages, countries, or occupations. Our fans can speak "the same language" and share their stories with Eilik in the community: 60,000+ Members / 100+ Countries / 30,000+ Active Members Per Week. Over 60,000 customers have Eilik on their desks.