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Smartech Co., Ltd.is a leading South Korean robotics company dedicated to creating innovative and smart solutions for everyday life.Our brand, TechGuard, reflects our commitment to providing reliable and advanced technologies designed to improve the quality of life and make the future more convenient.

Our brand, TechGuard, reflects our commitment to providing reliable and advanced technologies designed to improve the quality of life and make the future more convenient.

Type of works - Robot assistant for everyone in their daily lives


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Robotics Software Engineer

100000$ Full-time


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" What is a product of company? "
Family Helpers: Smart home robots capable of performing various tasks at home, from cleaning to helping in the kitchen. Educational Robots: Development of educational robots to support the learning of children and adults in various fields, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Medical Assistants: Innovative robots to help take care of people with disabilities, as well as devices for remote health monitoring. Security Technologies: Development of robotic systems to ensure safety in public places, including video surveillance systems and automatic security systems. Environmental Solutions: Development of robots to solve environmental problems, including waste treatment and management systems. Sports Partners: Robotic devices to help with training, physical condition monitoring and healthy lifestyle support.
" What is the mission of a company? "
At Smartech Co., Ltd., our mission is to pioneer the future of robotics and technology, delivering innovative solutions that enrich lives and empower societies. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to create intelligent, reliable, and sustainable robotic technologies that enhance daily experiences, promote education, safeguard health, and contribute to the betterment of our global community. With a focus on innovation, quality, and responsible technological advancement, we aim to be at the forefront of shaping a brighter and more connected world. Our mission is to be the trusted guardian of technology, dedicated to creating a future where intelligent robotics harmonize seamlessly with the human experience.
" Where do you think the company will be in five years? "
In five years, Smartech Co., Ltd. envisions itself at the forefront of global innovation, driving positive societal impact through cutting-edge robotics and technology solutions. We aspire to be recognized as a trailblazer in intelligent automation, contributing significantly to the advancement of industries and the enhancement of daily life. Our commitment to excellence will have propelled us to new heights, expanding our product portfolio to include even more sophisticated and versatile robotic technologies. We envision being a leader in creating intelligent companions for households, educational environments, and workplaces, seamlessly integrating into various aspects of human life. In five years, Smartech envisions not just being a provider of robotics but a catalyst for positive change, fostering a future where intelligent technologies coexist harmoniously with humanity, enriching lives and contributing to a more connected and sustainable world.
" What are the company overall goals for this year? "
Smartech aims to establish itself as a key player in the global robotics industry, with a strong emphasis on sustainable and ethical practices. Our technologies will not only be known for their technical prowess but also for their positive contributions to environmental conservation and community well-being. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we anticipate being actively involved in shaping industry standards and influencing the discourse on responsible robotics. Our company will continue to invest in research and development, ensuring that our products remain at the cutting edge of technological advancement.
" What are the core values of the company? "
Our company strives to create technologies that make life better, safer and more convenient. We pay special attention to innovation, quality and responsible use of robotics in various spheres of society. The TechGuard is the promise of cutting—edge solutions for your future.