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Robotnik designs, manufactures and markets autonomous mobile robots and manipulators, capable of working autonomously in collaborative environments, sharing space with humans.Our portfolio of mobile industrial robots includes collaborative and autonomous mobile robots for different applications within Industry 4.0, both in indoor and outdoor environments.

Within Robotnik’s robot range you can choose between mobile robots and autonomous mobile manipulators with different load capacities, autonomy or speed.Thanks to Robotnik’s experience of more than 20 years in the mobile industrial robotics sector, as well as the versatility of our industrial robots, it is possible to offer a tailored solution for your company.

Type of works - Inspection & surveillance, Logistics, transport, mobile manipulation, agriculture, healthcare, construction,
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Country - Spain
E-mail - msaturnino@robotnik.es


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" What is a product of company? "
" What is the mission of a company? "
Our activity, as a leading company in mobile robotics in Europe, is focused on the development and manufacture of mobile platforms and mobile manipulators, as well as the development of engineering projects and R&D projects in mobile service robotics.
" What are the company overall goals for this year? "
To consolidate our position in the market within the 3 verticals we are focused on: inspection robotics, mobile handling and logistics.