About the company

Boston Dynamics is the global leader in developing and deploying highly mobile robots capable of tackling industry's toughest challenges.

Our robots are equipped with advanced mobility, dexterity, and intelligence, enabling automation in unstructured or hard-to-traverse spaces, from industrial plants and construction sites to distribution centers and warehouses.

Type of works - Changing your idea of what robots can do!
Phone number - +1
Country - United_States
E-mail - 4312adelina@awgarstone.com


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Senior Systems Engineer

71000$ Full-time

Senior Project Engineer

120000$ Full-time

Sales Engineer - Spot

100000$ Full-time

Senior Mechanical Engineer

125000$ Full-time

Company FAQ

What candidates say about the interview process at Capsule

" What is the mission of a company? "
Boston Dynamics’ mission is to imagine and create exceptional robots that enrich people’s lives. We see this work as the next step in the evolution of machines that reduce the danger, repetition, and physically difficult aspects of work.
" Where do you think the company will be in five years? "
We are driven to create robots that will fit seamlessly into our lives and expand our potential. Boston Dynamics has just begun to scratch the surface of what robots can do, and we are excited to be building the future for today, tomorrow, and beyond.
" What are the core values of the company? "
Curiosity and respect for the natural world are at the heart of our work on robots. Building a legged machine that can approximate the mobility of people and animals is a grand challenge. After decades of work, we have just begun to scratch the surface of the potential capabilities of robots. Nevertheless, the general mobility of our robots allows us to turn our focus to how this new type of automation can be used to improve our lives. We see this as the next step in the human history of building machines to reduce the danger, repetition and physically difficult aspects of work. The next generation of robots will work amongst us and so the working partnership becomes important. We believe that robots will play a complementary role to human ingenuity and creativity in making work safer and more enjoyable. While artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing, we believe that only people have the intelligence to manage the full complexity and richness of real-world conditions in our diverse places of work. We build robots designed from the ground up to leverage human intelligence, keep people safe and relieve the most burdensome work. It is imperative that robots be trustworthy if people are to work productively with them. Therefore, we will build robots whose missions and capabilities are predictable, understandable, transparent and in service of human needs. We are committed to being transparent with the public and our customers regarding the state of our technology. We will not authorize nor partner with those who wish to use our robots as weapons or autonomous targeting systems. If our products are being used for harm, we will take appropriate measures to mitigate that misuse. We will not authorize nor partner with those who wish to use our robots in a way that violates privacy and civil rights laws. We understand that emerging artificial intelligence technologies including computer vision and personal identification algorithms raise questions about the ethics, legality, and potential for bias around their use in the public sphere. We believe serving government customers tasked with preserving safety and security is in alignment with our mission as long as that work remains consistent with our terms of use, which prohibit weaponization, targeting and violation of privacy and civil rights laws. We will use our leadership position in robotics to help the public, lawmakers, government and commercial customers clearly understand the capabilities and limitations of current robotic technology. We will support and encourage a mix of stakeholders including academia, industry associations, NGOs, and policymakers to debate and align on the benefits and risks of this nascent technology. We will engage with lawmakers to promote legislation around the safe use and deployment of robots.