Salary / price 1 $
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Robot name Moxi
Employment type Full-time employees
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Relocatable robot

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Autonomous Mobile (AMRs) Medical

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More than automation.

Implement robot automation in as little as 12 weeks to immediately support your frontline staff.

Teammate: Works side-by-side with staff.

Dexterous: Uses compliant arm and hand.

Autonomous: Completes tasks end-to-end.

Proactive: Helps staff before they ask.


A.I.with heart.

Designed to be compatible with the busy, semi-structured environments of hospitals, Moxi’s core technical features include:

Social intelligence: opens elevators and doors on its own, won’t bump into people or objects in hallways, happily poses for selfies.

Mobile manipulation: Moxi can grab, pull, open and guide objects, with no human assistance.

Human-guided learning: The more your staff uses Moxi, the more Moxi learns and adapts to your environment and way of doing things.


Learns from humans.

Moxi continuously adapts to changing hospital workflows by learning from human teachers along the way.As COVID-19 continues to change hospital environments, Moxi's workflows adapt to deliver PPE or lab samples where and when they're needed, supporting frontline workers.


Moxi revolutionizes clinical operations by enabling staff to accomplish more in less time through automation and artificial intelligence. 

It supports hospitals in their continuous operation by aiding clinical staff in various non-patient-facing tasks such as managing patient supplies, delivering lab samples, fetching items from central supply, distributing PPE, and dispensing medications, tasks ideally suited for a robot.

With Moxi's adaptable software, integrating new activities to meet evolving staff requirements is effortless, facilitating the ongoing process of robotization in healthcare settings.

During the initial setup, Moxi collaborates with Diligent’s implementation team to customize operational workflows tailored to the specific needs of each workspace. This seamless transition ensures that from pilot to full integration, hospitals become part of the Moxi team in weeks rather than months. Moreover, Moxi's implementation requires no infrastructure buildout; leveraging existing Wi-Fi connectivity, the process is straightforward and supported by our comprehensive guidance at every step.

Moxi offers its robotic solutions through a "robot-as-a-service" model, working closely with hospitals and clinical environments to deliver expertly tailored services that evolve alongside the facility's changing needs, advancing the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics in healthcare.