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Product robot name: Lite3 quadruped robot

Company: Hangzhou DEEP Robotics Technology Co., Ltd

Employment type: Fixed-term employees

Relocatable robot

Salary / Price: 2400 $

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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Lite3 quadruped robot: the epitome of dexterity and intelligence in robotics.Developed by DEEP Robotics, Lite3 is poised to revolutionize education, research scenarios, and the realm of technology enthusiasts.With its proprietary joints, cutting-edge control system, and advanced algorithms, Lite3 boasts unparalleled agility, strength, and endurance.

Advanced Capabilities:

Lite3 offers a plethora of developmental support, allowing users to harness its joint torque and position access for diverse motion training, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.Moreover, the robot facilitates the development of advanced perception capabilities, including autonomous navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, visual localization, environment reconstruction, and more.

Modular Structure and Interface:

Lite3's distinguishing features is its open modular structure and interface.This design element significantly expands its applicability, enabling users to explore various educational research avenues and engage in secondary development.Whether in academic settings or innovation labs, Lite3 empowers users to push the boundaries of robotics.

Probable Applications:

1.Education Institutions: Lite3 serves as an invaluable tool in educational institutions, offering hands-on experience in robotics, programming, and artificial intelligence.Students can explore concepts in mechanics, electronics, and software development through interactive projects and experiments.


Research Facilities: In research settings, Lite3 facilitates experimentation and innovation in fields such as robotics, computer vision, and machine learning.Researchers can leverage its advanced capabilities to prototype new algorithms, study locomotion dynamics, and investigate human-robot interaction.

3.Technology Enthusiasts: For technology enthusiasts, Lite3 presents an exciting platform for exploration and experimentation.Hobbyists and makers can customize the robot's functionality, integrating sensors, actuators, and other components to create personalized projects and applications.

4.Industry Applications: Lite3 holds potential applications in industries such as agriculture, logistics, and surveillance.Its agility and perception capabilities make it suitable for tasks such as autonomous navigation in complex environments, monitoring and inspection, and remote sensing applications.

5.nnovation Labs: Innovation labs and startup incubators can leverage Lite3's modular design to prototype and develop innovative robotic solutions.Its versatility and expandability make it an ideal platform for rapid prototyping and iterative development cycles.

In conclusion, Lite3 represents a leap forward in robotics technology, offering unparalleled versatility, agility, and intelligence.With its advanced capabilities and open design, Lite3 unlocks a world of possibilities for education, research, and innovation, empowering users to shape the future of robotics.


Lite3 quadruped robot: New-gen dexterous intelligent robot.It is designed for education research scenarios and technology enthusiasts.With DEEP Robotics’ proprietary joints, control system and advanced algorithms, Lite 3 has strong, agile and endurable sports capabilities.Lite 3 provides developmental support for access to joint torque and position, users can develop diverse motion training, deep learning and reinforcement learning; users can also develop advanced perception capabilities such as autonomous navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, visual localization, environment reconstruction, etc.Lite 3’s open modular structure and interface greatly enlarge applicable possibilities which helps advancement in education research and secondary development.

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