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Product robot name: Fire Fighting Robot RXR-M80D-13KT

Company: Shandong Guoxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Employment type: Full-time employees

Relocatable robot

Salary / Price: 1 ¥

*Payment terms, contracts, shipping/logistics, insurance details, etc. are provided upon request.

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The RXM-X4: The Versatile Firefighting Robot for Every Challenge

Stop risking firefighter lives in hazardous situations.Hire a robot to tackle even the most complex blazes.

The RXM-X4 is a revolutionary firefighting robot designed to take on the job of human firefighters in a wide range of dangerous environments.This adaptable robot worker can be sent into scenes involving flammable materials, toxic substances, hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), and smoke, minimizing the risk of injury or death for firefighters.

The RXM-X4 offers exceptional versatility and advanced features to combat fires effectively in various scenarios.

Built for Safety and Unmatched Performance

The RXM-X4 is meticulously crafted with firefighter safety as the top priority.The simple body design enhances stability, while the high-power DC deceleration motor makes navigating obstacles a breeze.

Unmatched Features for Every Firefighting Need

The RXM-X4 boasts a comprehensive suite of features to excel at fighting fires in diverse situations:

  • Easy and wireless operation: Ensures user-friendliness and safety from a distance.
  • Infrared camera: Provides clear vision in low-light and smoke-filled environments.
  • Remote supervision and diagnostics: Allows for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Entirely customizable: Can be configured with specialized attachments to meet specific firefighting needs.
  • Climbs stairs and overcomes obstacles: Offers exceptional maneuverability in complex environments.
  • Real-time monitoring: Keeps operators informed about the situation on the ground.
  • Optional autonomous navigation: Allows the robot to navigate independently in controlled situations (additional feature).
  • Anti-capsizing, anti-collision, and self-cooling: Ensures the robot's stability and operational safety.
  • Dual water curtain spray cooling: Provides efficient cooling to maintain optimal operating temperature.
  • Can pull two DN80 fire hoses for 60 meters with water: Delivers a high volume of water for effective firefighting.

Revolutionize Firefighting with Enhanced Safety and Versatility

The RXM-X4 represents a significant advancement in firefighting capabilities.By hiring a robot like the RXM-X4, you can equip your department with the tools needed to combat even the most challenging fires while protecting the lives of firefighters. Contact us today to learn more about how this innovative robot can transform your firefighting capabilities.


General Specifications

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): ≤ 1770 x 950 x 1430 mm (≤ 69.7 x 37.4 x 56.3 in)
  • Vehicle Weight: ≤ 660 kg (≤ 1455 lb)
  • Maximum Obstacle Height: ≥ 220 mm (≥ 8.7 in)
  • Climbing Ability: ≥ 70% grade
  • Remote Control Distance: 1000 meters (3280 ft)
  • Straight Line Speed: ≥ 1.3 m/s (≥ 2.9 mph)

Safety and Operational Features

  • Anti-Overturning Function: Yes
  • Anti-Collision Function: Yes
  • Lighting Function: Yes
  • Voice Function: Yes (potentially for two-way communication)

Target Applications

  • Flammable and explosive materials
  • Toxic substances
  • Anoxic environments (oxygen deficiency)
  • Smoke-filled areas
  • Disasters and accidents in:
    • Petrochemical industry
    • Oil tank farms
    • Large warehouses
    • Buildings

Target Customers

  • Public security fire fighting forces
  • PetroChina and Sinopec exploitation sites and warehouses
  • Hazardous chemical production enterprises
  • Warehouses, logistics companies, and ports handling flammable and explosive materials

Robot for industry

Adaptive Field Autonomous Mobile (AMRs) Disaster Response