A minimum of 5 years of experience in embedded systems engineering, with significant experience in embedded software development, including system and subsystem design, coding, evaluation, testing, and integration. Exposure to classification/certification processes of software/firmware, with a strong understanding of embedded software development practices. A Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field is required; a Master's degree or higher is preferred. Advanced proficiency in the design and development of embedded systems and software, with a solid foundation in software engineering principles and practices. Expertise in analog and digital circuit design, FPGA programming, and the development of digital firmware and embedded software. Strong leadership skills in guiding design teams through the complexities of digital hardware design and embedded software development, ensuring compliance with international standards. Experienced in conducting high-speed testing, overseeing PCB layout practices, and integrating and validating embedded software within complex systems. Demonstrated ability to lead engineering practices, supervise design reviews, and manage critical engineering documents, with a focus on achieving excellence in embedded software and system design.


Demonstrated expertise in embedded system architecture, with a focus on optimizing system design, enhancing functionality, and incorporating embedded software solutions. Active involvement in the design and development of both embedded systems and embedded software, ensuring seamless integration and functionality of software within hardware environments. Responsibility for internal integration verification to ensure compatibility and performance of all subsystems, including both hardware and software components. Provision of technical support for system integration, facilitating robust and reliable system performance through effective embedded software and hardware integration. Development and implementation of digital firmware, FPGA programming, and embedded software, emphasizing innovation in system and subsystem design, coding, evaluation, testing, and reporting. Competence in analog and digital design, including advanced knowledge in high-speed design (up to 500 MHz), low-noise design, and proficiency in Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog converters. Guidance provided to design teams regarding the technical specifications of digital hardware design and embedded software development, with consideration of international standards, practices, and certification requirements. Insights offered into high-speed testing practices, qualification processes, and high-speed PCB layout practices, including the integration and testing of embedded software. Leadership in the implementation of advanced engineering practices, organizing and chairing design reviews, and managing Hardware Interface Control Documents and Development Specifications, with a strong emphasis on embedded software quality and performance.


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  • United Arab Emirates
Employment type:
  • Full-time
Employer provided salary: 1 $ Annually

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Necessary education:
  • Higher